Today's the Day! {God's Will Debut and Giveaway!}

I texted a picture of my box of books to Rachelle. Just said how surreal it felt. Her reply:
That box is a dream come true.

I never dreamed I'd hold this book in my hand.
I settled for far too long to let God's Will sit in my computer, not giving myself and it the chance it, and I, deserved. I showed my Grammy the first proof a few weeks ago--the one and most important person to keep it a secret from (with the exception of Mum).
Never had I seen my mother or grandmother cry so much. They and my grandfather Buppy are three of the main reasons this book is finished and printed.
To God be the glory. 

Click on the picture below to go directly to Amazon for both the paperback and Kindle versions.

This week I'll be throwing myself a little party in celebration of God's Will's debut in print and ebook on Amazon. Check back often both here and Every Good Word for songs that inspired the story, character edits by my talented sister Sara, quotes and if I get enough entries in the giveaway, next week after Memorial Day, a FAQ post all about God's Will.

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