I Left My Heart in Gettysburg

Happy birthday to my wonderful Mum. My biggest cheerleader, best friend, constant support and inspiration. Love you!

Just some randomly assorted photos of the end of my weekend in Gettysburg...
There was beautiful honeysuckle blooming everywhere, including here on Little Round Top.

Having done the PA monument Friday, we drove slow past it Saturday on the way back into town. As we were coming to Taneytown Road, I told Michaela to take a right. This is how exhausted we were.
She turned left. Luckily after a few miles there was a small visitor center we could turn around in and see where exactly we were. Once we got turned around it was a straight shot back into town.

I took a lot of pictures of split rail fences, too, now that I think about it. There is just something about such an old, rich in history, rural area like the Cumberland Valley and amidst the mountains we drove through to get to Gettysburg. Pittsburgh has mountains and old towns and history, but nothing quite like Gettysburg.

With our AC blasting driving back to town Saturday, we finished buying souvenirs for family and stopped by this charming ice cream parlor for a cone. Seriously so good, and did I mention adorable? I had cake batter ice cream and Michaela had chocolate peanut butter. We joked through out the entire weekend we could easily just eat our way through Gettysburg.

Some of Michaela's souvenirs for her sister and brother in law were some cupcakes from this cute shop. Inside is even pinker than the outside--I loved it. Definitely will stop there and buy a cupcake next time I go to Gettysburg.

Saturday night we ate Friday night's leftovers, took naps, and then wrote a while in our hotel room. A fitting ending to the day I spent "on location" for my novel.

Sunday morning it was hard to get out of bed, but we did and packed up with alacrity. Checked out, car all packed, we headed into town for some coffee and breakfast and more writing time. My sunburn was killing me so I didn't get a whole lot of words done, but it was lovely just being there and people watching as writers/introverts are wont to do.

The Ragged Edge coffee shop was so charming. It had local art on the walls, unique drinks, sandwiches and treats on the chalkboard menus ... if I lived in Gettysburg I'd quickly become a frequent patron of this place, let me tell you.

On our way to lunch I snapped some pictures near the town circle/roundabout, including one of the beautiful Gettysburg Hotel--the selfsame Lincoln stayed in before he gave his famous address in November, 1863.

Thanks to Mum and Dad as a birthday gift, we went to a really nice place for lunch on Sunday. Sharpshooter's Grille next to The Inn at Herr's Ridge. The food was phenomenal, and my first margarita was very good. *grin*

Obligatory Starbucks selfie en-route back to Pittsburgh. 

This Northern belle left a piece of her heart in her favorite place on earth...just like last time I visited there. But with my own car, a solid paycheck every two weeks--I know I'll make it back. And more than that--the memories I have there with both my family and friends, are truly priceless and yes, even greater than the immense history imprinted deep into the ground of the battlefield.

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.

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  1. We went to Mr. G's ice cream when we were in Gettysburg, too! That place is good! That must have been fun doing some writing in Gettysburg! I've enjoyed reading all your posts about your trip and I look forward to hearing more about your writing projects!

    P.S. It's my mom birthday today, too! =)


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