Being a Writer Who Blogs

To me means . . .

I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection nor comparison. This, my friends, is easier said than done. I've mentally beaten myself up more often than not over my blogging as I searched and compared and cringed and tried a bunch of different blogging trends because nothing seemed good enough. Ever. This person is so crazy organized and diligent and has such a dedicated, genuine following--and she's busier than me! I am now {finally} embracing my identity in all aspects of my life, including the fact that, I'm not a perfect blogger by the industry standards, but I'm a pretty decent writer who can't not write on this, my blog.

I write life, I write my questions, I write my loves, in no particular order. Some days, I may just have to share the latest historical tidbit I've discovered and am fangirl-excited about. Other days, I may share a snippet of what my hands find to do, and what my eyes are reading off the computer. Yet other days I may brag about my siblings, share a funny memory...I'm just not a uber-scheduled blogger. Whenever I've tried to be, I've failed miserably and I quickly lose the spark of joy I do have with blogging.

There will be longer stints of time in between posts and that's okay. I'm probably either running a marathon to finish a novel, editing a novel, or life has just taken over for a week or three at a time. 

Being a writer who blogs and not vice versa is just all right with me. That's who I am. I'm so glad to be able to have this outlet to share my heart, ask my questions, process, and have such lovely community and fellowship with other bloggers who are so beautifully individual, unique and multi-faceted. What blogging should be all about, at it's heart, is a freedom to write everything from your opinions, soapbox stances, questions, experiences, hobbies--you name it!

Bottom line, our words have worth because we are cherished--the redeemed daughters of the Most High God and Creator of the Universe. So let us allow our hearts to be held by the great Author and finisher of our faith, and let us hold ourselves to a standard of grace, and not perfection. 

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.


  1. Beautiful post, Meghan! I can definitely relate! Thank you for the reminder to hold ourselves to a standard of grace, and not perfection. So true. =)

  2. Glad you are who you are, a writer who blogs! :)

  3. Good job, sister. :)

    Cheering you on.


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