Actually, I DON'T have a one year plan

In which I pour my surprisingly passionate thoughts into a subject that I was cut off from clarifying to a family member recently. 

When I say that I'd love to move to Charleston, SC if/when the doctor I work for retires, it's mostly in jest. I am entirely serious in stating that Charleston is my second favorite place on earth.

"Oh so it's your one year plan! If nothing pans out or there's nothing big happening in a year--to Charleston you'll go!" 

This well-meaning family member then proceeded to fill me in all about her one year plan, I bit the inside of my cheek. If I could just finish...but there were 25+ people and kids at our home and it was a busy day. So I made like Elsa and let it go. Or so I thought until I laid awake that night carrying on the conversation in my head. 

I don't pretend to know where I'll be or what will be happening as each year goes by. I couldn't say one way or another when I started my job three years ago if I'd still be there three years later. For as much of a recovering control freak as I am--I've never presumed to plan out my life or make huge plans hinging on what my job or relationship status is in a certain amount of time. 

I'm also not saying it's inherently wrong to have a "life plan" that consists of a series of goals to work towards, or the, "If I'm not _______ with my career" or "If I'm still utterly single..." "I will then do ________." I do think there is a danger of trying to play God in the former way of thinking. Goals are admirable and are to be prayed over before they are written down, prayed through real life as you strive to accomplish them, and goals are to be given to God in praise when they're accomplished. Now that I clarified all that...

I don't have a one year or five year plan. With my novels and writing "career" I have long and short term goals that may or may not be usurped by either real life or God's revealed will. I most likely will be working at my doctor's office until he retires. I also plan on living at home till I am married. All of these things are gifts from God. The Giver of good things! The ultimate Author who may just open a pretty big door when I least expect it and I have the choice to enter on blind faith, or shrink back in fear.

Bottom line is, with this absence of a one or five or ten year plan--I plan to keep my heart open to either stay or go wherever the Lord may lead, to do and write whatever He calls me to. 

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I have daydreams of the Old South--exploring it's rich history and beauty. I have wistful mind-wanderings of parking it in Gettysburg and immersing myself in the history therein. I also have dreams of being married someday, being a mother, being a contracted author.
All of these are good things! And I am 200% confident that I am not settling just because none of these things are my reality right now. Who am I to say they should be? In ways far beyond my imagination at the beginning of this year, God not only met my needs, provided for me and pursued my heart, He gave me precious gifts.
I had time in Gettysburg this year.
I had time in Charleston.
I got to see the place where the Civil War began, and it's turning point. Now I just need to get to Appomattox...

I have written more to my future husband than ever before. I am praying for this nameless, faceless guy more than ever before. I have my moments of wondering where in heck he is! But I also am so excited to show him the book I've been writing in so he can catch up on my life.
And have I mentioned I finished my second novel and am about to begin the process of querying it?

Writing it here doesn't feel like much, but living out abiding in God's will is rough. It can be hard at times, because I'm human with selfishness, issues, high expectations, pride that often proceeds a fall...but I am also a child of God under His grace who walks in a freedom I am only beginning to understand and embrace.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

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