My Southern Soul Sisters

Here we have the first of two or three posts dedicated solely to sharing my beautifully wonderfully amazing vacation to the South with two dear friends. First--the memories we made together.

photo credit: Sarah
I think it was Rachelle who first came up with this apt term for the three of us. Stair-Step Writerly Sisterhood. Our birthdays fall May, June and July--and in age order. As we were discussing plans for our time together, Sarah jokingly said that we should make t-shirts. And as you'll see farther down the post...Rachelle did! Color me shocked when I stepped off the plane in Charleston, SC and walked down and around the corner to not only find Rachelle but Sarah too, waiting for me! They pulled a fast one on me for sure with Sarah coming in early. And despite Rachelle tiring first, we all talked and laughed and indulged in chocolate till almost one o'clock in the morning that night. Many giggles ensued when Rachelle went to sleep first, and Sarah and I came back in from freshening up to a pitch black room.

photo credit: Sarah
Now to play the game, like Where's Waldo
Where's Rachelle? 
And may I say--isn't Sarah's photography skill amazing?

photo credit Sarah
^This^ is the picture I'm printing and framing in the frame next to my bed that all three of us share.
Both of these girls have been Jesus to me.

photo credit Sarah
The old{est}, married one of us. Sarah Elizabeth. A dear, brave soul who ministers to my heart more than she knows. A true treasure.

photo credit: Sarah
A few steps down the road in more ways than the marriage department, Sarah is one of the most down to earth, bold and brave Godly women I know and I don't know what I'd do without her.

photo credit Sarah
Haha! Ah, Rachelle...
This petite spitfire is a ray of sunshine. She's not really a spitfire. That'd more fit Sarah. But this precious face looks like it! She is my unofficial critique partner in writing, my editor and always there to listen, talk and love me through so much.

Photo credit Sarah
Rachelle just so happens to be a few steps ahead of me down the published-writer route, and I couldn't be prouder or more thrilled for her as I watch her go through all of this with a humble, kind spirit laced with grace. I also almost forgot to mention we have a bet going and I'm going to say it here that she's gonna lose! 

The first stop we went to the day after I arrived was Whitepoint Gardens. We had a lovely picnic underneath the shade of the trees before walking around the entire park.

The lovely photographer! 

There was artillery. And we posed. Isn't this little gymnast cute?

Sharing photos, making memories. Despite the many kind requests for a ton of pictures and updates my mother made, I took as many as I could, but lived up the moment.

Sarah with an awesome cannon!

Sweet Rachelle.

Contemplating...or pausing and taking a rest. These two girls were the best in making sure I didn't overdo anything, but not making me feel like an imposition and we took our time soaking up the sun, the water, and time with each other.

The next day was Isle of Palms. 
I had not seen an actual, legit beach in over 15yrs. I was over the moon walking through the sand with two of my best girlfriends!

The maker of the t-shirts! She loves the water and would've gone diving right in had we remembered oh, you know--towels, a blanket to sit on. We were woefully unprepared for our afternoon at the beach but it was SO fun!

My fellow seashell hunters...I brought a bag home for Anna and she loved them.
The weather was a heavenly high 70's, not a cloud in the sky. 

Despite my pink cheeks--didn't get sunburned! 
Our shirts read:
Stair-Step Writerly Sisterhood Reunion
Abide, Braveheart, & Rise << each of our One Words for 2014

Our beach day was absolutely lovely...

I miss these two so SO much.

It is a joy to walk along life's road with these two.

A misshapen heart with our initials. 

The rest of our long weekend with the sisterhood three was spent watching Once Upon a Time, The Flash, eating a lot of cheese and chocolate--not at the same time, reading and buying books at two different places, and the sweetest time just being together.

Friday I'll be sharing some scenic shots from the South.


Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.


  1. You three are adorable!! It looks like you had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see more pictures on Friday!! =)

  2. Aw, this is so sweet. Glad you ladies had such a fun time! :)


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