My Visit to Fort Sumter

After a surprisingly lovely trip on a boat, on the ocean where I did not feel woozy in the slightest, we departed for a one hour trek through the entirety of Fort Sumter. Honestly--my head was swimming with elation at actually walking the same grounds where the Civil War began. 

My favorite Rachelle. She walked alongside me the whole way through, listening and enthusing along with me and is the photographer behind any photo with me actually in it. She is a gem and I couldn't imagine going to Fort Sumter with anyone but her.

Fun history fact. There were two more levels to this outer wall of the fort before the attack in April 1861

Beautiful, beautiful day. A very bright, beautiful day. I think this was one picture I shut my eyes till when Rachelle finished counting to three...

Legit artillery. Because why not?

Look at the interior of this brick! 

The parade grounds of the fort.

My helpful, patient and gracious tour guide.

Me and artillery. Of course. The guns at Gettysburg weren't this big!

Blondie and a cannon. *smile*

This shot was Rachelle's idea. 

The upper level of the fort.

Looking towards England! Have ya'll gathered I am thoroughly enchanted and in love with the ocean?

Sister selfie time. Love this girl.

The South Carolina state flag. Palmetto tree and a crescent moon.

Mountain Howitzer artillery. Confederates used several field pieces like this 12-pounder mountain howitzer to defend against a surprise landing by Union forces.

The South Carolina flag that eventually flew above Fort Sumter in 1861

Heading back on the boat after the tour. I didn't want to leave. 
But we were hungry and needed lunch. Such an amazing time. 
I have now officially been to the place the Civil War began; arguably the place where the Civil War's tide turned--Gettysburg. Now I just need to get to Appomattox where it ended.

And that is just a fraction of the 150+ photos I took during my Southern vacation. I had an amazing time and so enjoyed chronicling my journey here to share with ya'll. 


Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.

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  1. This is awesome!!! SO COOL!! I'd love to go to Fort Sumter some day! Thanks for sharing your trip! I loved looking at all the pictures!!


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