Where I Wrote in the South

Rachelle had to work short shifts two days I was there, so I happily bebopped over to the cutest little coffee shop called, Single Smile to write while she worked. It is a pleasantly cluttered, old-tyme yet hipster joint with the biggest, sweetest lattes. Their large has four shots of espresso. Part of the reason I got so many words written in my novel down there!

This place had it all--great music streaming, yummy scents and just the perfect ambiance for this introverted writer. I got to people-watch in between writing, even unplugged my earbuds for a time to be ensconced in the atmosphere and classic coffee shop sounds. Suffice it to say there's nothing remotely close to where I live that compares. There's a coffee shop in our city's South Side...but it's not worth the gas to get down there. Plus I'd have to pay for parking. 

Four beautiful shots of espresso--and even the steamed milk was poured all pretty!

In total on my vacation, I wrote over 10K words. About half of which were at this amazing little coffee shop.
And I went down there doubting I'd even look at my novel very often if at all! Thank you, Lord.
Some history nut irony ahead. You've been warned.
I began writing my characters into the Battle of Gettysburg whilst on vacation in South Carolina--the state where the war began. I'm still quite a "Yankee" but suffice it to say my heart was utterly captured by the South.

My last photo post about my time in the South chronicles my trip to Fort Sumter, and an inordinate amount of artillery photos. Check back Friday!


Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.


  1. This post just makes me happy! Coffee shop + writing + the south = perfect combination! I love this - "Their large has four shots of espresso. Part of the reason I got so many words written in my novel down there!"

  2. Looks like a lovely place to write at!


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