For Such a Time as This

So. Chick flicks. You know how there's always that moment nearer the end where the charmingly relatable heroine has a sort of epiphany and changes her life? She gets herself out of the rut, stands up for herself, realizes what she really wants...and usually lands the guy of her dreams. 
Life doesn't work like a movie. And sometimes those "stuck in a rut" times are long seasons that don't end after 120 minutes and a "Happily Ever After." Some days they only get longer. Slow, steady seasons are not to be thought of as stagnant--and I'm speaking to myself here. They are easily confused with that depressing word, but like any other season in life, our circumstances are fleeting and are only used by God to draw us deeper into His embrace.
Beyond that, think for a second that maybe exactly where you find yourself in life, exactly what you're working at day in and day out, is exactly where you need to be thriving. You are where you are for such a time as this. Life's not perfect and doesn't go the way we like to think it should. Me? I've felt...trapped, by that truth. So stuck in it that I haven't taken much time to look beyond it to the One who's working in the wings on my future, and using me in the present. Two huge dreams of mine have yet to come true. And it very well may be years until they do. Whether they ever come true or not, so long as I keep trying to do what God's called me to do, I'll be all right.

I may not have a novel published with a publishing company. But the story of my heart is out there in living color and ink and paper, and God is using it. I confess to having the thought once or twice of, "Why bother writing?" but the fact of the matter is, I can't stop. Nor should I. 

My heart may sometimes ache with the space reserved by God for the man I marry and the children I'll one day bear, but my fierce loyal, nurturing spirit will not be flipped "on" when I one day say "I do." God's using it in the sometimes mundane, sometimes rushed, sometimes crisis-mode times of living at home with my family. and helping out as needed. My parents, my three younger siblings who bring me so much joy; they see me in the good, the bad and the ugly and love me anyway and treasure and value me. Not because of how much I do, but simply because I'm their daughter, their sister.

Maybe, just maybe, I am where I am, doing what I'm doing, being me for just such a time as this. All it boils down to is me choosing to see myself the way God sees me. Choosing to obey Him. Choosing to find my identity in Him and His perfect will alone. 

I am claiming this as my moment. My chick-flick heroine epiphany moment that, please Lord, will only deepen into a more abiding love and trust in the Author and Perfector of my faith Who calls me to approach the throne of grace with confidence. Who calls me to not just keep breathing, but thrive in the freedom of His grace.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.


  1. I know that everyone probably tells you this, but it's true. Your soulmate, or one of your soulmates (haha) will come into your life, and you will realize why you had to wait so long. I know that I felt the exact same way as you, and I just waited and waited. Do NOT settle. :) #fireworkpeople

  2. This is so encouraging! You write beautifully, Meghan.

  3. I could echo a lot of this (of course, you said it much better than I could!). ;) I appreciate your sharing your heart and your thoughts...this was an encouragement to me in that I too have been feeling very stagnant myself of late. And I'm much too impatient and hard on myself and too often forget I'm not the only girl who's ever felt this way! :) Anyway, God used you, dear, so thanks for opening up and following where He leads you to write! :) {Hugs!} ~Rachel


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