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WWII pulled America out of it's economic depression even before Pearl Harbor. With the USA's entrance into WWII post-December 7th, 1941--the day that will live in infamy--massive conscription followed. Bodies were needed to fill the spaces left by men who enlisted in factories, shipyards and more.
The women stepped up.
They worked hard. Learned new skills.
Worked long hours only to come home to stay up late writing back their men in the army, tucking in their children and cleaning their house.
WWII only further stretched women out of their comfort zones in and out of their homes.
During the Great Depression, women had to make do or do without for even the most simple neccessities. With the family breadwinner either in the breadlines or in a government program that helped somewhat, women often had to fulfill the role of both father and mother to their children, daughters learned quickly to pull together, forget selves, and pitch in for the survival of the family.
Not one woman in the Great Depression or WWII was exempt from stepping up and not only saying "We can do it and we will do it," but "We are doing it."

My two awesome sisters in front of the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh
These women stepped up, got the job done outside the home--and for much less than men had made. You'd think everyone would be nothing but grateful to these women who filled the spots left by men who had enlisted, but unfortunately women met much opposition in the workforce due to gender stereotypes of women being the weaker, simple-minded sex which is simply not true. Physically speaking, men and women are different.
But strength of spirit, heart, of mind?
Rosie the Riveter represented more than a portion of the working-woman in WWII. She represented resilience, bravery and hard work, from the offices and hospitals and schoolrooms to the factories and shipyards. And I love that we can look back on her, the stories of both the triumphs and hardships women had to face and see how far we've come, and be inspired to keep the faith, stay strong, and show the world what we're made of.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

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