A Heart-Warming Road Trip of New Beginnings and Second Chances

What better way to say farewell to summer and hello to a slower pace of early autumn than with a novella that takes you on a roadtrip of romance, redemption and second chances?

I am so thrilled to take part in the release of my fellow 
indie-author and good friend Joanne Bischof's latest novella, To Get to You--a contemporary young adult romance novella with much redemption and warmth. I just finished the story, and am hesitant to say too much lest I give away spoilers.

If you're a book crier--you won't need as many tissues as with her last indie-published (historical) novella This Quiet Sky. But back to this sweet novella at hand, and some more about one of my favorite multi-faceted authors.

I so loved the sweet, young romance between Riley and Becca--the girl he had to get to. But perhaps my favorite part was the redemption factor. Of hearts. And of relationships.

This novella is heart-warming in it's romance, soul-touching in it's redemption and the second chances and hope woven through out pack a personal punch as Joanne's writing always does. She has done it yet again with this redemptive road-trip tale.
While YA, and a road trip at that--slightly reminiscent of John Green's Looking for Alaska--there is something in this story missing in his. Hope. And you'll just have to read it to find out if Riley not only gets to the girl he loves, but if he embraces the hope of second chances.

Christy Award-finalist and author of The Cadence of Grace series and This Quiet Sky, Joanne Bischof has a deep passion for heartfelt stories that shine light on God’s grace and goodness. She lives in the mountains of Southern California with her husband and their three children.

This quote though. In context of the story--wow.

To get to the girl he loves, Riley Kane must head off on a road trip with the father he never knew. Then pray for a miracle.
Most teens would love to have a pro surfer for a dad. Just not Riley. Abandoned as a kid, he hates the sound of the ocean and the man who gave himself to it.

The lovely cover!

When the eighteen-year-old learns that his best friend is stranded at a New Mexico hospital as her father fights for his life, Riley hits the highway to head east. But when his Jeep breaks down before he even leaves California, he must rely on the one man he despises to get to the girl who needs him the most. And when it comes to the surfer with the Volkswagen van and dog-eared map, a thousand miles may–or may not–be enough to heal the past.

In celebration of her second indie-novella, Joanne's put together a fun road-trip themed giveaway for the release and blog tour. Details for the giveaway are below. Be sure to "Add" the story on Goodreads.
Follow Joanne on Amazon and put To Get to You on your Amazon wishlist if you haven't gotten it already.

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  1. Meghan, such a sweet review! It's always a joy to see one of my stories through someone else's eyes. Thank you for that! And if I haven't said it yet, I need to say it now - your blog is positively adorable! So inviting!

  2. Enjoying reading this one! Love Joanne's way with words :)

  3. I'll have to keep this book in mind the next time I look for a new one to read.


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