Friends Who Care

Every friendship is different.
Unique. Not less, not greater than others.
So it is with the give and take in a friendship.

Some friends you pour more into, it takes more effort to upkeep and you have to choose: is it worth it when they don't reciprocate in the ideal way you'd like them to? Or do you keep choosing to pour into them as God lays them on your heart, accepting and resting content in the fact that it's okay that you pour more into them and they care about you in different ways.
Let me just say from experience: that contentment? It took me awhile to come to and I can still struggle on occasion with certain people in/out of my life.

I am however so immensely blessed to say there are gals in my life who make it an easy give and take, back and forth pouring into one another effortlessly. Seeing, hearing and embracing one another's hearts. In widely different seasons yet scarily-alike heart-struggles.
These are strong women who sometimes don't feel strong. Who try to breathe in grace and exhale praise but find themselves on their knees wondering where on God's green earth He is taking her and why.

During this healing, recovery time let me just tell ya'll about the power of prayer. Beyond the fact that I have a surplus amount of down time and relative peace in which to pray, the prayers from all of you, my family, extended family, church family and even people I don't know have all been felt. And so appreciated. The care and love from so many people has just blown my mind and touched my heart. 

The quote at the top of the post an author shared on Facebook today and I thought it was so fitting as to where my heart is with my friends near and far. And a continual prayer for myself that I can be that type of friend to all those in my life.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.

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