Of Walkers, Fan Fiction & Mario Kart

These sweet friends and four faraway friends blessed my socks off with this huge gift basket full of goodies and beauties and chocolates and movies to keep me plenty busy during my convalescence.

I love this space here. A lot. And I've missed typing here, but these past eleven days since my hip surgery have been rough.
Don't know why I thought it'd be a walk in the park and after a short hospital stay (try four days) I'd be quite normal and just laid up for a while.
This past week and a half have been the hardest days of my life thus far. The hospital stay, for me, was okay. Despite nurses and doctors waking me up at four and five in the morning to do their job and make sure I was still living.
My sense of modesty quickly, quietly shot, I embarked on a harrowing jaunt from hospital room to physical therapy where I did do four steps with the aid of a crutch--not doing that again for a while--to wheelchair to car to home and finally my recliner on our first floor.
My family has been amazing, my Mum the most. Always at my side since I'm a fall risk even with a walker, Mum's been so so wonderful to me through the tears and worries and physical therapy and bandage changing and everything in between.
It's all God (and all the prayers; thank you) that's had me in so very little pain since I came out of the operating room. My pain's never gone above a five or six, and that level for only a few minutes moving from bed to chair in hospital, and the last two days not being as careful with touch-toe weight bearing (with a walker's aid) as I should've been.
Prayers would be so appreciated this coming Friday when I see the doctor again, he may take out my forty-four staples from the seven-inch incision on my right leg and he'll also run xrays to ensure everything has stayed in place.
My heart's been more through the wringer than my body. My body is still weak and recovering and easily tired--that fact is taking some getting used to. My level of independence was such that I didn't know how much I had till I literally cannot get out of my recliner without someone near bracing the chair and walker. Help I'm grateful for but man. It is humbling. A Titus 2 woman in my life ( HI JOANNA ) commented some Scripture infused encouragement on an Instagram post:

I thought at one time that once I got home from the hospital I would just read and write the days away. Not so when you're waking up unable to move in a recliner on the first floor and need assistance going to the bathroom and have a nurse and physical therapist and a lot of visitors coming every day the first week home. I felt so great other than tired that any family members and a handful of friends who wanted to pop in I welcomed. It was a revolving door.
Cut to this week--I'm still exhausted though hip-wise making strides (no not literally) but with much fewer people here and I was half-heartedly wanting to write. I should write. I have so much to write. And I just couldn't. 
Until today.
One of two dozen beautiful roses adorning my mantle from my extended family
One thousand words on a Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes AU (alternate universe) fan fiction...yes, I caved. It's writing. And it's been such fun. It's called The Right Partners and one day I'll get the other brain child of this idea, Mirriam Neal, to write her part. Recently inspired by this below, her birthday gift to me on my FB timeline:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”Balloons filled the doorway as three figures filed into the hospital room.  Mirriam came first, bearing the balloons, and tied them around the bed to keep them from floating away before giving Meghan a ginger squeeze.    “You look pretty good for being in a hospital.” Meghan blinks as Steve and Bucky file in.Steve has an armload of flowers so large it looks like he robbed a florist, and Bucky is holding a suspiciously cake-shaped box.    “Liar.” 

“You look great.”
 Steve sets the bundle of flowers down on the cot and removes a single rose. He gives it to Meghan, along with a kiss on the forehead. “Trust Mirriam.” “Yeah, trust Mirriam,” Mirriam retorts.  “This was her idea.” “Hey,” says Bucky. “And Bucky’s,” Mirriam says quickly. “The good Captain wanted to hire a brass band or something and we thought that was a little over the top.” “Maybe another time,” says Meghan, smiling.

So that fan fiction is where I'm off to shortly. I'm sure I'll get back to my novels soon-ish, but in the meantime--it's fan fiction, Netflix, my family, and getting way too good at Mario Kart for the Wii. 

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.


  1. Thinking of you, Meghan, and wishing for you a speedy recovery. In the meantime, Netflix and awesome family isn't a bad thing. :) Best wishes.



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