The Promise of October

October is one of my favorite months. It's after the sporadic weather of September, and just before the hustle and bustle of birthdays and Thanksgiving in November. October is when the light shines warm and gold even through the wind. There's something brighter about October. And it's almost here!

Happy Autumnal Solstice by the way.

This October will look different from years past for me.
This October will see me learn to walk again.
It will be busy.
Certainly not the busy I expected this month to be prior to April this year.
Prior to that, I haunted airline websites for flights to Idaho in October.
I haunted Etsy for just the right convertible dark red bridesmaid's dress.
I wrote my maid of honor speech before my dear sister Gabrielle was proposed to.
We knew. It was just a matter of timing before my brother in love Scott would put a ring on it.
We thought we knew. We never once pictured each other not at each other's wedding.
And then God dropped my surgery in my lap and things got upside down.
Now the promise October brings is twofold blessed and precious.
I may not be physically standing behind Gabrielle as her maid of honor on October 10, but I will never not marvel and thank God for her love story that He unfurled beginning November 8, 2014.
As her wedding day draws near, it is bittersweet I can't be there in person and will have to wait on photos. I'm teary-eyed writing this, to be honest.
But I know the day will be so beautiful. So much a celebration of who Gabrielle and Scott are, their love, and God's hand in their lives. And too, that despite my not being there, my place in their new life together will not budge one bit. Both she and her dear almost-husband have assured me of this.

The promise October brings is not only the joy of celebrating the start of a life between Gabrielle and her Scott...
But it's also a promise glittering with multiple facets and a deep, abiding light from the Author and Finisher of my faith.
His promises are yes and amen. His love is deeper than the ocean, wider than the heavens, higher the tallest mountaintop.
His love stirs the breeze to caress wisps of my hair across my face as I sit under a wide, old oak on our deck writing this. His creativity will color the leaves above me into different hues in a few weeks. He is the one who knows every single snowflake in heaven's storehouses.
I tried to make my plans this winter and He probably just shook His head and thought,
Daughter, you have no idea what good I am about to drop into your life.
I expected to be printing boarding passes, finding a last minute pair of shoes to wear with my bridesmaid's dress soon before jetting off to Idaho.
Instead I'm learning to walk again.
My hip is becoming stronger in it's healing.
And so is my soul, especially as it rests in the promises of October.

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.


  1. What a beautiful post, Meghan! Thinking of this in this new "season," and wishing you only the best in your recovery. And for Gabrielle too! Happy wedding wishes to her and Scott. Happy for them. :)


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