Too Many Ideas!

Anyone else hear a song and a story idea just blips into your imagination?
The song below by Reba, Somebody, was one recent song of mine to do this.
Isn't it sweet? Speaks to my hopeless romantic writerly soul.
But this is just not helpful seeing as I have my nose to the grindstone on my Civil War sequel,
A Rose Long Awaited.

What to do when you're randomly inspired but are committed to your current WIP?
It's so simple.

My preferred genre to read and write is historical fiction. However it's not outside the realm of possibility that one day I'll write a contemporary, and I've certainly read a lot of inspy contemporaries. And I have a lot of ideas for contemporary stories to write someday.
If you're like me, you try hard to only write one book at a time.
If you give yourself more freedom as a writer to write multiple books at once--bravo to you.
What works for one writer may not work well for another one.
But I think we've all probably faced the, Oh no. I can't start a new story now dilemma.
There is hope. Whether you write multiple books or one at a time.
Don't quell the inspiration when it comes. If it's in the middle of writing a completely different story, return to it when you're finished with the scene you're writing.
Don't keep tamping the ideas down. It gets stifling.
Write everything down.
As a few of my future book ideas flourished and grew, I took the time to jot things down, make a Pinterest board, and for two of them I actually bought individual lined-page journals. One to jot down anything and everything having to do with this one trilogy I'll write someday, and another one to plot out a standalone.

So when you face this dilemma, now you have an excuse to not only buy pretty notebooks but also start Pinterest boards for these future story ideas you want to write. I will say though, in staying faithful to your current WIP and not cheating on it--let these budding story ideas have their place, but be dilligent and careful to continue to devote the most time to your current WIP you're set on finishing.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.


  1. Good post! I have a lot of story ideas on Pinterest, and think that it is helpful and an organized way to keep ideas. But I do tend to start writing some of the story that I get a new idea for because my Pinterest board gets me extra eager to write, the end results being I have lots of unfinished story beginnings! Guess I just need to lean to work faithfully on one or two stories so I can finish one...

  2. Oh man ... I have this problem all the time! Ahh! I do make lots of notes and Pinterest boards, like you mentioned ... that helps so much! =)


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