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This is me, this is who I am.
A work in progress.
I am working on owning every idiosyncrasy and potentially weird or worrisomely off-putting quality about me and calling out my fear of what people may think.
Because I am fearfully and wonderfully,
uniquely made.
Redeemed and loved and treasured by not only my Creator but by my amazing family and true friends.
I am single. Some days it sucks when my hope wans. But for God in His perfect plan and comforting, Everlasting Arms.
I'm holding out for, not a hero, but for His best.
Not second best. 
Did I mention I'm a hopeless romantic? Give me a Hallmark movie I could've written better or a classic Boy Meets Girl tale and I'm hooked.
I'm an old fashioned girl and a vintage soul. You could say I have the sensibilities of an elderly lady since one of my ideal nights includes Frank Sinatra, tea, our cats and crocheting.
Give me an old typewriter, antique postcards, old books, estate sales, antique stores, old vinyl or vintage hats? I'm in heaven.
And the dreams closest to my heart are, for now by God's timing, not reality, are simple but they mean so much. I am a writer. An author. What I am not? A wife or mama.
So yeah. I can be a girly girl. I'm so not into sports and the only one I can tolerate (because I've had to over the years thanks to my awesome Dad) is hockey. Football aggravates me and while I can follow baseball, it bores me to no end.

Ronnie & I at the Age of Ultron premiere
I am however a voracious reader and lover of American history. The history of our country fascinates me so much more than present-day politics and history in the making that only causes me to pray, Lord Jesus come quickly.
Give me Union Blue and Confederate Gray in any paperbound book...
Gettysburg is the city of my heart and I would give anything to live there and I can talk about it and explore it endlessly.

Another thing I may not shut up easily about? Marvel movies. My favorites are the Captain America movies and I am staunchly a Marvel nerd over DC. Give me Cap over Superman any day, any time.

I have tons of useless but fascinating trivia and am trying to expand my knowledge of history, in particular...all of this info lies in countless books that make up a really diverse library, and beneath my not-naturally-auburn head of hair. Not limited to but including old movies, musicals, Broadway, celebrities, crocheting/fiber arts, homemaking, cooking/baking, natural birth and nutrition.
And quotes from movies and TV. My sister and I could probably speak our own language of just quips and sarcasm from shows like How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Parks and Rec, and Disney movies.
Quick--who can name from what show I got the idea for red cowboy boots from?
I'm a nerd. Sometimes a fangirl. A crocheter. Reader. History nut. Lover of little things. Old fashioned vintage soul.
I am...

Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.


  1. Love this! It's like a short autobiography into the story of you! <3

  2. Meghan, this is absolutely beautiful. I adore your honesty--and I relate so much! To embrace the beauty and our profound worth in the midst of the progress; life is messy and hard, but we carry on our hearts the marks of Jesus Christ--our identity is in Him, which makes our work-in-progress worth far above rubies. <3 Thank you for this post!

  3. "There's a snake in my boots"
    You're an amazing young lady, Meghan! Thanks for sharing. 😘

  4. I love this. Keep being your wonderful, beautiful, unique self, Meghan. You inspire me. =)

  5. I love this! I feel like an elderly lady sometimes too! In fact just tonight my mom said to me "How old are you?!" I embrace it! :)


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