On this eve of NaNoWriMo

So tomorrow officially begins National Novel Writing Month. Thirty days where writers of all genres and walks of life will try their hardest to log fifty thousand words. 
Thirty days where even more caffeine is drunk. Thirty days of less sleep. Thirty days of piling sand into a sandbox as a first draft. An imperfect one. A messy one. Words that may be cut or changed later. But words that are written.
I am excited. I'm worried over more than just attempting to log 50K words in my novel. November will see normal life begin to return to normalcy of continuing physical therapy as well as very gradually returning to work slowly but surely.
1667 words a day. That's a feat. If I'm in the zone I can log between 400 and 600 in twenty minutes. If I'm not in the zone...I can reread and edit and Pinterest or even bake or watch TV and basically do anything but writing with the intention of writing. Can anyone else relate?
I'm bending the traditional idea of National Novel Writing Month. The heart of it is 50K words. Period. Most go for a fresh new story. I'm working on getting closer to The End of A Rose Long Awaited. The plot is in place, resources are at the ready and I'm ready to dare and be brave and fight for my story. My art.
Who's with me?
Whether it be NaNoWriMo or committing afresh to your WIP novel or blog--do it. Go for it. Make time for it. The words won't leave you alone. So write them down.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

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