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Last night our church had a Night of Worship event. About two hours of nothing but worship. It was my first night out to somewhere other than a doctor's or physical therapy appointment. And it was a blessed time. My voice was hoarse from singing as loud and free as I wanted. Grateful for my church's volume this one time. 
One worship pastor spoke on the song Lord, I Need You by Matt Maher.
How we are always ready to launch into an impassioned chorus of, Lord I need You after the bridge.
But perhaps we should pause and soak in the bridge.
So teach my song to rise to You.
When temptation comes my way.
When I cannot stand I'll fall on You,
Jesus You're my hope and stay

It's a lifelong, soul-stretching exercise to have my song rise to Him. Especially when temptation and trial and pain and fatigue and moments of, Why, God? come.
That second part though?
When I cannot stand I'll fall on Him.
Never before have I so often and so hard fallen on Him than since deciding on my hip surgery. After both the surgery and the second surgery two weeks after for an infection. I stood shakily singing God is able months earlier as the decision loomed, thinking He was able to get me to my best friend's wedding.
Turned out--He is more than able. He went above and beyond my hopes and dreams and in how my sore heart needed comfort through missing my best friend's wedding and growing closer to both my friend and her now-husband. He was the one to orchestrate and provide for a long weekend with them in Idaho before my surgery. I could recount and recount the 10,000 reasons for my heart to find to sing praise.
God was and is able.
He healed my right hip.
He continues to teach my song to rise to Him.
My song of utter dependence on Him.
My song of crying out to Him when my independence, self-sufficiency and a boat-load of pride were all quickly stripped away.
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey
Grateful Heart is a series + weeklong linkup that begins each Monday (lasting thru Friday) and is about starting each week with a grateful heart.
And "grateful" doesn't seem to adequately express how amazed this girl is to the Lover of My Soul and Healer of My Scars Who is so, so faithful to steady my heart.

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.


  1. Oh Meghan, this is so beautiful. God is so good! =)

  2. Beautiful! We sang that song at church Sunday! So so powerful. <3


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