I Failed NaNoWriMo...but

...I am strangely thrilled about it.

I wrote a little over 21K words on A Rose Long Awaited in a month. It's the most writing I've ever gotten done in a month ever. May not have been 50K, but I'll take it. It was worth it. Attempting to do NaNoWriMo strengthened my writing discipline to steal time as it came and not wait for the ideal time to write...and that it was okay to write imperfectly.

I may be somewhat of a "pantser" writer, but the perfectionism is still a battle yet in me. NaNoWriMo proved to me that shoveling sand into a sandbox is a first draft. It's to build a castle with in future drafts with overhauls, revisions and even a dreaded rewrite. I don't know yet if a rewrite will be needed for Amongst the Roses or its sequel. I'm playing it by ear, praying through both a day at a time. And trying to be open to potentially rewriting it if the Lord leads that way. The point is, A Rose Long Awaited? 
I'm writing it. It's at 47K in total now, pretty much the halfway point. I'm proud of the words I wrote, no matter how they may change down the road. And you should be too. Whether you wrote 50K or 10K or less or more--take pride in the gift that are words spilled from your heart on a page. You are writing. Don't get caught up in I wrote, or I will write.
You write. It's what you do. How you think best. How you're most honest with yourself through fictional worlds and characters.
You write? You're a winner.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

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