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I love Christian fiction. I've been reading it since a very young age--Heartsong Presents novellas I cut my teeth on. As time went on, authors like Cathy Marie Hake for historical rom-com, the renowned Lynn Austin's rich historicals made their way to a permanent place on the bookshelf lined walls of my heart. At the insistence of some dear friends in high school I branched out of historicals into the world of contemporary Christian fiction with Karen Kingsbury's Baxter Family series and I was hooked. I devoured them, watching the redemptive story lines and family saga unfold through the first three series following the Baxters. Historical fiction will always hold the highest place in my heart, but of late the likes of Melissa Tagg has kicked my butt back into loving contemporary fiction. Historicals though, well...unlike any other genre, often times when I've read a Lynn Austin novel for the fifteenth time or a Jocelyn Green story, I close the book, sit back and wonder why I bother writing. But in the best, inspiring way.

Through blogging for so long and figuring out my vision for this space, I've so enjoyed making it a place of sharing. Both my heart, my writing, my faith--but also others' stories. Fellow indie-authors and historical authors' blog tours, cover reveals and reviewing their books has been amazing fun. Melissa Tagg is a new contemporary favorite, and honestly if I had to choose, she's gone up above Karen Kingsbury now. Brittany don't kill me? There I go digressing again...
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Books have come and gone on my bookshelf. Some childhood favorites are boxed up in the attic, many have been given away after buckling down and thinking hard as to if I'd really ever reread them. A very tough process, lemme tell you. The ones on my bookshelf right now though, the paperbacks, the ones in my Kindle app (I caved, but am a paperback loving gal chiefly), those are the ones that have left an impression.

Books that leave an impression are special. Whether you're a reader or a reader-writer hybrid, you take lessons with you upon reading the final pages of one of those special novels. The greats. Not merely the classics, no--but the ones with themes that resonate deeply, the ones that take you in to the story world so you're walking alongside each character. Some stories you just want to smoosh the hero and heroine together and make them see they belong together. But you're along for the ride, watching it play out beautifully and finishing to a happy end.

My favorite part though about Christian fiction of any/all genres? There is a thread of hope. Redemption of some sort. But always, always hope. That there is something bigger than every conflict, every character's past and present and daunting future. Whether it be a somewhat fluffier rom-com romance or a family saga or a hard-hitting story with difficult themes from page one--there is always hope. It's grace in each and every page the author pens, and that is why I love Christian fiction. Why I am so grateful to be a part of the CBA as a reader and writer, a part of American Christian Fiction Writers and wherever else the Lord may lead to make an impact through stories. Whether it be more of my own down the road (please Lord!) or helping other authors polish their work to be the best stories they can be. 
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

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  1. Love this post and love Christian fiction! Hope and redemption are themes I strive for in novels and my own writings and it's why I have a hard time reading secular books like I did when I was a younger.


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