Hope Does Not Disappoint

"I've been better" has been my reply to kind souls who ask, and genuinely want to know, how I am doing of late. Waiting on two new hips, through the remnants of a crushing disappointment that my hip is coming out of its socket. Being on crutches, not able to walk without aid--again.
Depending on the asker, I can spill out a portion of what's been on my heart and verbally remind myself, "BUT GOD has got this. I don't know what He's doing but I have to believe He'll provide." Some days its hard to believe that--but its those days where I lose sight of the purpose behind my pain, the hope not in seemingly bleak circumstances--but the Lord of the universe. The author of time. The Great Physician who specializes in heart and soul work.

Disappointment is a paltry word for the sheer magnitude of everything I've been feeling this last month. That word though, FEELING? It's because I am human. Many of those feelings I've had to fight against, let go of and throw myself onto the strength of the Lord who knows my frame, and my heart, better than I ever could. By God's grace I can say that now, I am no longer needing to know why, or resenting the facts. The facts that God is all over--just like He is for you
Do the odds seemed stacked against you? The future darker than ever? Trial after tribulation piling up? I preach to myself here because it's so easy to do...
Do not wallow. 
Yes, Mum, I do listen when you beat me over the head speak truth to me.
For God calls us to trust, obey, and glory.
In every trial, every loss--this does not mean be happy or gleeful about it or even on the hardest days thank Him for it right away. Not unless it's from a pure heart--God knows what lip service looks like from even the most weathered Christian who knows how to react to life's trials.
Focus and stop fighting--and glory--in the love, provision and constant faithfulness of our Savior.
 Just glory in HIM. Each and every tribulation God allowed, for our ultimate good and for His glory.
Our ultimate good, how?! 
I get it. That question may come to mind every day for you facing a new diagnosis for you or a loved one, a job loss, chronic pain, loss of a loved one, an injury, a wayward child or friend, or as you go through a long, arduous season of waiting for a desire of your heart. Each and every trial, tribulation and even those muddy waiting waters of life produces perseverance. We must persevere--even when we are bone-weary, persevere to look up and allow yourself to rest in the arms of our Lord.
This perseverance produces character--not once and for all, but a lifelong process of a better character. Perspective, contentment, a strengthening of faith even when Satan throws more darts our way. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power (perseverance), love and a sound mind. Glory in HIM. For He alone is our hope. Not our circumstances, not "down the road apiece" when things surely must get better, for they very well may not.
True hope never disappoints, because the source of our hope is God. All we have to do is look up and behold His glory. Thanks to Jesus Christ the veil of separation is torn and we do not have to work our way to Him, but simply look up. Take hold of His love and grace, rest, take heart for He has overcome the world--conquered death for all time--and hope in Him.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.

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