What Does an "Open Heart" Look Like?

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No matter where you are in life, at some point or another you've probably heard the cliched encouragements of:

  • "Keep an open heart."
  • "The best things come when you least expect it."
  • "God loves to surprise us!"
  • "Remember, all things work together for good..."
  • "Delight in the LORD and He will grant you the desires of your heart."
They can sound like fortune cookies sometimes. All of these words, however, have merit. Too often though people hold out these phrases to those wandering in a season of waiting, hope waning, and these souls receive such words with wrong attitudes. I speak from experience and still struggling with these... We can all-too often compare our current situation against that of the well-meaning friend or family member and grow resentful, bitter, discontent.
But why can't they just stop saying these things?! I am so sick of hearing them! I get it. All of these words though have merit. They are truth. It is us fallible humans who miss the timeless, grace-filled truth in such words. Because we view them like fortune cookies. Our brains are wired to hear such things and think, "If this is true then why?"
"If all things work together for good why hasn't this happened?" Insert your own thing where the word "this" is in that last statement. And resist temptation to go down the road of comparing. It is a very lonely, isolated road.
Where am I going with this? Is she seriously going to quip, "Keep an open heart!"
Yep. But that is because having a closed heart will eat you up. It's lonely. It puts God in a box of your expectations and know it all-ness that says He couldn't possibly...not with my luck...He hasn't yet.
The heart the Lord wants us to have is one that desires and strives to keep connected to HIM 24/7. A heart open to whatever His will may be. Open to whatever His answer is, whether it be a quiet "Wait" or a firm but still so loving "No."
The word "delight" in that Psalm I referenced above can chafe when we read it. We hear it and think gleeful enjoyment akin to Pollyanna's optimism and constant cheerfulness. And for those of us not blessed with that inclination, it's work. But we must keep an open heart. To not only receive what God has for us, but to continuously give back to HIM whose love is deeper than the ocean, higher than the heavens, farther than the reach of the stars. He who made the stars holds our hearts, but it is us who have a choice every minute of every day to keep it open. To keep connected to HIM--He sees the good, the bad and ugly in us and yet because of Christ, loves us anyway. It's the least we can do to honor Him out of gratefulness, to keep an open heart. Come what may.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

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