Half a Bionic Woman | On Healing

So far so good. This surgery was by far the easiest, hospital-wise. Only a one night stay and I was home by mid-afternoon the next day. The immense relief I felt when I saw the doctor in recovery and he reported I had a successful hip replacement I can't put accurate words to. For a few weeks yet we're all holding our breath beating God's ear to protect me from an infection, and a low-grade temp is apparently completely normal post-joint replacement. That was a tense time until we got confirmation from two nurses.

This time around I'm allowed 50% weight bearing as tolerated--which, for perspective, I was allowed to do almost 3 months after my first surgery in July. There's a chance I may begin outpatient physical therapy the end of the month which I love and am so looking forward to. The lack of independence that comes with this very short time post-surgery is difficult for me to stomach. Again. Besides the anxiety over the chance of infection, my faith still staggers back at times. So much is still fresh; a lot about this recovery just takes me back to this past summer and how it all was for naught...and preaching truth to myself is harder this time around. Gun-shy because of what I went thru this past summer.

One big thing I am trying to embrace with hope, is healing. For my heart/faith and my hip. I hope, soon, to write more as I continue to process and accept the layers, like an onion, peeled back by the Lord to fully heal from the inside, out.

I have ample time on my hands. I'm keeping busy with a lot of reading--stories, inspirational non-fiction too--as well as crocheting, and binge-watching Gilmore Girls and White Collar.
But I would love to pray for YOU if there is anything at all I can. Trying to use this time well and one huge way I can make a difference is petition the Lord in prayer. Share in the comments below.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

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