Here's to the Flowers

Here's to the strong ones. The women with the biggest, fiercest hearts. For their pasts, the lessons, their refining, even their hurts. For realizing it is not shameful weakness but brave strength to let God be her strength even amidst heartbreaks. Disappointments. Fallback upon fallback. Dreams falling through. Trusts being broken. Other sinful human beings wounding these glittering, beautiful, sometimes fragile hearts. Here's to us. YOU, that strong one reading this.

We all can aspire to have the wit and backbone of fictional heroines like Lorelai Gilmore, Elizabeth Bennett, or real-life may-as-well-be-fictional women like Leslie Knope Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Taylor Swift who seem to take the world by storm. We watch fictional heartbreaks unfold on our screens and in paper pages and shake our heads at watching the heroine's journey unfold, doubting we could ever, ever emerge better, stronger if we went through the same. This other-wordly fascination with made-up characters. Women who oftentimes other women wrote to live vicariously through, to aspire to be. What I hope I never lose sight of though, is that by God's grace--I am enough. Just the way I am. All my sisters are more than enough. They are all magnificent creations of the Living All-Powerful God who makes no mistakes. Him whose plan is, yes oftentimes confusing and frustrating and even heartbreaking in the moment--but His plans are never ever wrong and always serve a purpose. Preaching truth to myself here because there's quite a distance between head and heart, and often it takes a while for such truth to sink in down deep.

Here's to my sisters, both by blood and by heart. For their tenacity of spirit, their fierce loyalty, smiling through the tears, saying nothing at all and just being. To my sisters who I wish I could heal their hurts, soften the bruises, make the sun shine again. Its for such freaking amazing women of God that I ask Him, "Why?!" with tears when one more thing falls through, when I can't help the hurt. For these amazing souls I do not know where I'd be if not for God. For them. For their fighting love and presence and just being who they are, through thick and thin, for many years and even more to come.
Here's to the fighters. The fearless.
The ones who think they are the farthest from strong as their heart cracks, for it's the flowers that bloom in adversity that are the most rare and beautiful of all.
And yes I "stole" that last line from Mulan.

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.


  1. Oh my, this is a beautiful post. Grateful for you, strong and beautiful flower. <3

  2. "By God's grace--I am enough" I love that!! Encouraging post :)


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