When Art Imitates Life

Confession time: for far too long, since December found me a tad burned out by NaNoWriMo's 21K words in addition to life being turned upside down, I haven't written. I have read a lot, however. Helped other (amazing) authors release and promote their books and I have gained new, amazing, Titus-2 sisters in arms (or pens?) via influencer groups. Ya'll know who you are. And I am so grateful. Consistently amazed at how God knows what my heart needs in new friendships, and opportunities, such as He has gifted me with these last two months.
And yet, despite the likeminded friends across the miles, the community bonded together thru great fiction, life-friends constantly checking up on me, even keeping me accountable to asking how my writing's going--I haven't written.
Because where I am at when I begin to dig into my fictional heroine's heart as she faces further devastation, more hopes deferred and a crossroads of faith, I shrink back. My art--my story--too closely mirrors my life right now. No I am not facing my very home being reduced to ashes or a family member being a prisoner of war...
Things are looking up. Incredibly so. But I have a lot of talking to God and processing yet to do over these last months since July.
Ironically enough the same month I am in only in 1864 when Confederates invade and plunder and burn my heroine's city of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
I want to write again. And soon. And...I will. Soon as I make my rubber hit the road and give this novel back to God, with every word, and ask HIM to write HIS story out as I type. Tap into HIS grace and truth so evident in my life even thru the tougher times that my heart is no longer reeling from, but healing from. I am thru compartmentalizing these lessons away from my writing, because in doing so, I am missing out.
Missing out on what God is near and ready to do in my heart and my writing at the same time. I must let my art imitate my life, preach truth to myself through my story's pages, and let God heal my heart in this way of writing.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.

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