A Season to Pursue: Claiming It!

This is a season of life where I am somewhat sidelined. A time of forced rest. But nonetheless--a full one! One where all by God's hand I am doing and living out a dream I never fully realized or verbalized. Thinking it was too far fetched, too good to be true.
No it's not a guy or a book contract. But I am working in the industry of my heart--Christian fiction. And it is amazing.

This time God has gifted me with has been full to overflowing with books to read, review, contests to judge, new author friends to read and encourage and support and pursuing a hopeful career in the publishing industry via an opportunity that God dropped in my lap.

I laugh and beam often thinking on all this, because in January I frenziedly searched through pages of Google for paid writing jobs or freelance editing work, despite my complete lack of experience. A few weeks later when my frenzied worry fizzled to slightly numb wondering worry of what I would do. And lo and behold, God provided. Not in the way I assumed with a paying job I could do from home--but He provides. Present tense. And He also provided so much for the desires of my writer's heart yearning for a break, a chance to gain experience despite the odds stacked against me.

And BOOM. All these opportunities one after the other have unfurled before and after my right hip replacement a month ago. Doors opened to pursue my passion--the written word. Faith filled inspiring stories that point back to the Greatest Author and Lover of Souls. So many things to pursue to not only support dear authors and their books, but to assist in polishing manuscripts until they sparkle like bling on a ring, and hone my craft and glean from so many sources in the process!

The reasons are hidden as to why God has allowed what He has--but one thing is abundantly clear: this is a season for me to pursue the passions of my heart and keep clinging tight to Him who is forever faithful and always provides just what I need.

A season I am claiming with a smile, taking it one step, one page at a time. Not forgetting the struggle to get here, after a lot of loss and pain, because the journey thus far has made it all the sweeter.

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.

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  1. God is good! I'm so happy that you've been given an opportunity to do something you love, Meghan. :-D


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