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This post is basically a gushy shout-out to four amazing authors. Four favorites who also happen to be friends, who all made me fall into reading voraciously again, who have all written stories that so greatly impacted my heart. 

This week happens to be release week for not one, but three of my favorite authors I am so privileged to know. Two romantic comedies chock full of heart, and one breathtaking historical romance set against the vivid backdrop of the Scottish Highlands in the Edwardian era. Two I have read, and the aforementioned historical I am reading--oh my goodness I don't want to put it down to write this post. April seems to be THE month for amazing books releasing because on the 15th, the finale of a Reformation-era romance trilogy, The Sound of Emeralds, comes out, completing The Steadfast Love Series.

Stories such as these make me increasingly humbled and happy to have a career in the industry I do. Beyond the privilege of reading such powerful stories, I've come to be friends with all four authors and count myself so blessed I have not only their inspiring fiction to look up to--but their examples as authors. Getting to watch behind the scenes being on their launch teams, to encouraging one another and praying through the tough edits and deadlines--not only is it fun but it is all just a joy.

Melissa's, while a newer friend/instantaneously a favorite author, so deeply moved and swept me away to the endearing Walker family and their hometown in the Mid-West Stars Hollow-esque town of Maple Valley. My first read of hers was actually not one of her novels, but rather her Christmas novella that sparked this fangirling post the end of last year. She is one of the most down to earth, funny and gifted women I am glad to know.
Like Never Before, book 2 in The Walker Family Series releases April 5th from Bethany House

Roseanna's Edwardian series has a backstory I can relate to--she wrote the first draft of book one in the series, The Lost Heiress, when she was a young teenager and proceeded to rewrite it many times over until it found a home with Bethany House. It was my favorite novel of 2015, and the story behind the story she shares in the Author's note makes it all the more special I just can't help but grin for her.
The Reluctant Duchess, book 2 in The Ladies of the Manor Series releases April 5th from Bethany House

And Pepper Basham. Another more recent favorite. This woman has inadvertently (and she'd better know this. ;)   ) become a mentor to me. She is my Titus 2 Writer friend and I adore her. She has such a huge, giving, kind and beautiful soul that comes out so brilliantly within her fictional worlds that the reader is instantly pointed to the Ultimate Author. Christ--the bearer, keeper and healer of all our thorns and burdens and baggage whose love transforms from the inside, out. I want to grow up to be an author like Pepper Basham. The writer of transformative, moving love stories set both in times gone by as well as in our own present-day world with such amazing grace and quick-witted humor you won't be able to put them down.
Her first contemporary romance, a Blue Ridge mountain-set My Fair Lady retelling, A Twist of Faith, releases April 6th from Firefly Southern Fiction, an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Rachelle Rea's books as ya'll probably know I got to watch them grow from first drafts to contracted, to being released within 12 months. Yes, all three of them. A timeline not for the faint of heart--but her nickname is The Daring Girl for a reason.
The Sound of Emeralds, the final book of The Steadfast Love Series releases April 15th from Whitefire Publishing

All that to say--get these books. Add them to your To Be Read list, follow these amazing authors and you will not be sorry.
Happy, happy release week and month to you all.
Love, a devoted and incredibly blessed fan and friend.

P.S: Cannot wait to share more when the time comes about two 2017 books by those last two authors I mentioned in this Facebook post last week. 


  • Tues. 4/5: Rachelle Rea stops by for a pre-release week interview to discuss the finale to her Steadfast Love Series--The Sound of Emeralds. 
  • Thurs. 4/7: I dish on why you have to read Melissa Tagg's Walker Family Series in my review of book 2, Like Never Before where the author's favorite hero/top fictional crush, Logan Walker is the main character. Ladies--just wait till you read him. It. The book. Gah. SO good.
  • Friday 4/8: Friday mixing bowl chock full of all things/links bookish and writerly--what I've been reading, writing, inspired by, loving, and trying.
  • Thurs. 4/14: I review the second book in Roseanna White's Ladies of the Manor series, The Reluctant Duchess. And fangirl as per usual because this book has my crush as the hero--Brice, who I rooted for in book one.
  • Thurs. 4/21: Indulge my restless with wanderlust spirit and travel with me to towns such as Maple Valley, Iowa, the Scottish Highlands, WWI-era England akin to Downton Abbey, and more.
  • Thurs. 4/28: I review Rachelle's The Sound of Emeralds, the exciting conclusion to her trilogy. Fun fact: at one point there wasn't a book two or three on the horizon for Rachelle and I read The Sound of Diamonds' first draft's Epilogue and adored it. Only to have her tell me to promptly forget it--she was going to make this book into a series. Confession: partly due to my insistence. I frustratingly but happily obliged. 

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.


  1. Ohhhh this just warmed my heart like crazy...and made my release day excitement all the giddier. Thanks bunches, Meghan! So happy to know you!!

  2. Too thrilled to be sharing a release month with these amazing authors!!! Thanks for the spotlight, Meg!


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