Happy Birthday, God's Will! Book Birthday & Giveaway

Me & my book May, 2014
How on earth have two years come and gone in the blink of an eye?
Sappy nostalgia ahead. Be forewarned.
Two full years of a lot of traveling, a ton of life, a crap-ton of lessons learned, heartaches, joys, sorrows and within the last year especially--a lot of surprises.
You get the picture.
What's funny about all this? As in--incredibly ironic, mind-boggling, God-must-be-smiling/shaking His head at me?
These past five months I needed to be brought to the place of embracing the fact that where I am is the sweetest place to be--God's will. And He alone got me to that place afresh by setting this idea to relaunch and celebrate my novel's birthday in my heart.

Despite this novel of my heart being two years old today--God's used my own words to convict and lift my heart, all at once. In polishing the story of Kathy and Elliot, Judy and Ted, David and Peggy (don't worry--never writing a story with 6 main characters again) I got to see where my heart was in the writing years ago versus where my heart is now. Not to mention there are so many fond memories of mine woven within these pages--both in scenes and the inspiration behind them thanks to family members, traditions and memories. All of which that will live on in the pages of this story God gave me to write so many years ago.

Getting a box of books with my name on it will never get old. Holding a fresh off the presses copy of the novel that shrunk a tiny bit compared to the first edition (hindsight and experience were 20/20 for this indie-author right here, ya'll) is just the coolest thing. I am so, so excited to share this updated novel of my heart with you. It is all grace to be holding this book at all--especially newly polished. I've shared on social media how, rather than this being a dream come true--holding my book is simply a huge, paperback part of my heart that God has been good to unfurl for me.
Just as He's been good to give me such an amazing family to support my dreams--and in the last two years, many new, amazing friends via the written words of fiction and blogs who I don't know what I'd do without.
Had to give a shout-out to ya'll who make my life so much brighter--
thank you SO much for everything, especially with this novel of my heart's birthday!

So without further ado...
The giveaway to celebrate God's Will's second birthday.
Signed paperback copy of God's Will
Leather string journal
Ghiradelli dark chocolate sea salted caramel bar
Assorted tea bags
And a vintage inspired charm-locket necklace I made myself.
(Open to US residents only)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stick around for more posts on the story behind the story, the music that heavily influenced the story--and where God's Will will be making appearances around the blogosphere.


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  1. Fabulous - Happy Birthday! :D

  2. YAY!!!!!! Happy Birthday, God's Will!! =)

  3. Happy Birthday on "God's Will"! Fantastic giveaway :)
    I tried to find you on Pinterest - but that link led me to a dead-end. =/

    1. Thanks ya'll! =D
      Raechel--I could've sworn I fixed that link. Huh. Let me edit it. Thanks for letting me know. Go ahead and type in your name in the Pinterest entry and follow my Pinterest via the "P" link in the line up of social media links on the top of the sidebar. :)

    2. Raechel, The original post had an extra m ~ try https://www.pinterest.com/mmbbg/

  4. I look forward to reading God's Will! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  5. Happy book birthday, my friend! :)


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