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In a weird way--I'm glad it's Monday. After a long weekend not altogether bad, just tiring, I'm ready to get things done, checked off my to-do list, set up everything I possibly can for God's Will's second birthday...
And then of course as soon as I hop on my computer (prior to picking up, you know, my Bible or devotional...) I see a well-loved Scripture in my newsfeed, and, oh look--my own words on a website staring back at me.

This weekend was lovely in a lot of ways. Breakfast and fangirling over Captain America: Civil War with a dear old friend. Late lunch with old coworkers that had me in stitches. My family being out and about serving, working hard--and my parents got a date night! Then it was Mother's Day--my dear mother claims that "Every day is Mother's Day"--and I bought her sushi in advance of a fresh paperback of God's Will sitting on her shelf later this week.
Not a few bites into her sushi we got the call that my grandfather's in the hospital. Which, with what is wrong, will more than likely happen quite a few more times in the future. The meds are working though and he should be home in a few days, Lord willing. Prayers hugely appreciated.
But it's funny--between that, and Saturday's 40min drive home post-cookout at 9:30pm ugly-crying--wondering why, after 4 years of not always consistently but still, showing up, hasn't community happened for me locally?
I'm really, really glad it's Monday.
June, 2015, Gettysburg
Yesterday we celebrated our Mum. I think all of our cards/letters to her that said what a selfless example of a Godly woman she is--and its true. Hence why she gave up a few hours of her Mother's Day to go to the hospital to check on my grandfather. Hence why she helped/made sure the pork loin for dinner was properly seared and cooked (because if it's not chicken or ground meat Sara and I are still learning )'s why the dedication page in God's Will has her name on it.
And just another example? She doesn't allow pity parties. When life gets rough as it is wont to do and just one more freaking thing happens--she is the one who asks those hard questions that remind me of my book. "Do you trust God? Doesn't He always provide?" and "Adjust your attitude." *smile* Love ya, Mum.

While relaunching God's Will I confess was somewhat spur of the moment--nothing is coincidental when God's involved. No, not even a family crisis, nor going on vacation in nine days(!!!) for twelve days--all before my surgery June 14th.
In all of this--there is a lot of lovely to note and to help turn my eyes back upon Jesus--the Source of all Hope and Peace.

  • An immense amount of good, solid friends that may mostly live far away, but who love me by showing up, even if just in a chat window, when I need them.
  • Gorgeous weather to soothe my soul--blue sky, huge puffy clouds and warm breezes.
  • A worship service led by the youth choir containing my two youngest siblings--and How He Loves bringing me to tears and reminding me church is first and foremost to be between me and God. Other people/community are a bonus and maybe it will just look different for me at this church than being a part of the YA ministry. Maybe once I'm recovered it'll be a part of a youth group or some other area that needs people to serve--if my family's any example, their "tribe," their "church family" has been found in such a place. And honestly? That sounds darn good to me.
  • Being able to celebrate what God has done and how He has grown and refined my heart in the two years since first publishing God's Will. And having an outpouring of people willing to join in the celebration has just knocked my socks off completely. The love and joy I've found in people, many of whom I've never met in person, when they say, "Sign me up!" and "I'm so excited for you!" makes me feel like they're linking arms with me, and it is a priceless feeling.
  • All the edits! I took four days to heavily, deeply edit God's Will. Much as my eyes burned afterward--I don't think I would've been able to do so had God not dropped working with Bling Romance and Marisa Deshaies into my lap the beginning of this year. Hard as edits can be--these were so, SO worth it and almost fun to check off my checklist. And two years younger Meghan would not have said this, just for the record.
So this is where I'm at. Trying hard to look for the lovely, do the next thing, uncurl my fists, let go and let God fight for me if I only be still, and purposing to enjoy the ride. Wherever it goes. It's good. Even with the bumps and Pittsburgh-esque potholes. Life is good and full and worth telling myself all this lest I get in that nasty funk of doubt and self-pity.
Stay tuned later this week for the kick-off of God's Will's second birthday celebration, multiple deals, a big giveaway, and some updated story-behind-the-story posts.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

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