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It takes a village, isn't that what they all say? Beyond this book taking seven years to write before I released it two years ago on Saturday, there is a lot of my family in it. If my memory serves me correctly I think Mum came up with it's "tagline" of sorts, God's will is the sweetest place to be. The (gorgeous!) graphic above is courtesy of my sister Sara. Both of whom I don't know where I'd be without.

It's funny how, even after albeit temporarily losing a lot--independence, my job(!!!), a little over a year of my life due to all these surgeries--I have gained more than I could've ever thought possible. Apparently art imitates life in both the past and present. When I was writing God's Will I had no earthly idea that before I was twenty-three I would have gone through four major surgeries to get a new lease on life without chronic pain just as soon as I'd be able to walk somewhere without crutches for an interview. Cannot. WAIT for that day later this year. Can you tell?

It's been a tough almost-year. Quite perhaps the toughest yet. Ironic, fitting, rather, that God called me out to edit and re-release the novel of my heart two years after the first edition came out. Art imitates life. My main character(s) get hit with life and trials like a train wreck. No, not literally a train wreck...try thunderstorm.

In my book, don't worry--no spoilers--every character comes to a place of utter brokenness--some more than others. And they all have to choose to rise up and grab hold of God's hand reaching down for them. There is redemption, change, and hard, hard tests of character and faith. I purposely wrote the ending the way I did to reflect how, oftentimes, there are no happy, ideal endings. But endings always give way to beginnings, and they always have a moment of sweet hindsight and a revived joy.
And that is what I hope people can see all the brighter in the (improved version) of God's Will. And in what I share here as life goes on.
This isn't a dream come true. Not this book sitting all paperbound and gorgeous on my shelf. No, nor even my new hips--I'll have two new hips starting June 14th! These aren't dreams come true. Because I never would've chosen any of this. But God knew all this and reshaped my dreams and desires according to His perfect plan--His perfect will.

And it is a truly sweet place to be.

Stay tuned Saturday--the book birthday!--for a special surprise and the start of a fun giveaway.

Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

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  1. Congratulations on re-releasing your novel, Meghan! I'm really looking forward to reading it. Proud of you for overcoming all that you've been through and keeping a smile on your face. :)


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