A Peek into the Romance in God's Will (And a Kindle Daily Deal!)

While this novel of my heart isn't a true historical romance--more a family saga--I couldn't help but add in a little nearer the end. What made it all the more sweet to bring a hero and heroine of the story together was that for much of the story they borderline-hated each other! Think Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe but more jaded, set in the Great Depression. Here's a short scene that really highlights this...

   “Who does he think he is? I didn’t notice any of his limbs broken. If Tess weren’t standing there, wouldn’t I have given him a piece of my mind!”
   Kathy stopped herself before she slammed the cabinet door after she found a glass and turned on the tap.
   Judy and Ted appeared to be in a serious discussion across the kitchen and she tread softly and pressed her lips together out the back door again. Their tone, their somber expressions—they were talking about money, and they probably didn’t have enough.
   Why did those good people have to lose anything more? What else did they have to lose? The screen door slammed behind her to punctuate her frustration and she looked around for Elliot, holding his glass of water. The children were gathered around the sprinkler, but she didn’t spot Elliot.

    “Tess, where’s your brother? I have his—”

    The sprinkler gurgled and spurted high into the sky and right in her face! Kathy jumped backward but the sprinkler waved back and forth high into the sky, continuing to drench her. The children laughed and frolicked in the refreshing water, hardly paying any mind to her as she sputtered and wiped away her sodden hair from her eyes.
    “Okay, who’s the prankster?”
     The children paid no attention to her but over the sound of squeals and laughter she heard a richer, baritone laughter coming from the side of the house.

    Of course—Elliot!

  Kathy looked down and realized she still held Elliot’s glass of water in her hand. She then saw Elliot strolling towards the barn, shoulders shaking with laughter at her misfortune. Barefoot, she could jog to him and not make a sound.
   When Kathy was barely a step behind him she tapped him on the shoulder.
   The cheeky Elliot, still chuckling at catching her unawares, turned, and on her tiptoes she poured the large glass of water over his head.
     “Now who’s got the last laugh, Elliot Russell?”

I remember vividly working on the end of the story and laugh/crying at how similar Kathy Andrews and Elliot Russell really were and just the sheer grace of God I got to weave in their story as to how He alone took two incredibly broken people and made their hearts whole again, before leading them to each other. Gosh I love this story.

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Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

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