Heroic(Heroine-ic?) Paralells

 With the work of God knocking some self-doubt out of my thick skull and inspiring me afresh lately--along with Kara Swanson's friendship/encouragement/fangirling over Connor Doyle...see Jared Padalecki to the left...I am writing again.
Okay, full disclosure? Editing.
I had hardly touched the thing since I completed it in November 2014. Remember the fifth of November?
Oh sure the beginning had been changed and polished the most, but as it was the oldest-written portion of my Civil War epic (that will hopefully come in shorter than it's current 110K word count...) it still needs a lot of work.

But, as God has a habit of doing in my life through hardly any effort of my own, He has both opened doors and dropped new friends into my lap who are giving it a thorough read-through/critique. Because fresh eyes are always always always needed for your book. *slaps younger naive stubbornly arrogant Meghan upside the head for not realizing this sooner*
Character Emma Green from PBS'
Mercy Street
^^ That up there, though? This is where the rubber hits the road of writing, and editing. Deepening my heroine Margaret's POV/voice. Making her not quite so unlikable, more relatable and really revealing her heart.

Not unlike her author, Margaret Bryant is a lovable control freak, cares deeply for her family--something that only grows as time goes on and the need for survival rises--and...she has her own set in stone plans that only a war can disturb.
And, just like this last year is testimony enough to how God laughs when we tell Him our plans or assume anything...
Her heart that will shift, grow, be broken a few times over--but open up over the course of Amongst the Roses.
So help me God.
Just as my heart has been through my own wringer since I first began writing this novel four (?!) years ago.

Tomorrow will be one year since my first surgery. On my 22nd birthday. I have had to fight depression, guilt, infection, impatience (definitely still a work in progress on that one) and make some really, really excruciating life decisions all the while with my feet up totally dependent on those around me for so many things I took for granted. And discovering how much I loved my independence.
It is when that independence was stripped away however, refined by fire, that I saw God more. And grew. Just as my heroine will be far from the same girl she was in the beginning of the novel--I am not the same person I was this time last year.
And God is good. All the time. He has provided and protected me mightily--another facet of His love I hope to really shed a light on in my heroine's adventures in 1860's Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
What was the last thing you read (or wrote) where a character's inner journey and heart-growth in the story mirrored something in your own life you'd been going through? Did it make it more memorable for you, perhaps even making the book a favorite?
It's one of the beauties of fiction.
There is escapism to be enjoyed in all stories, whether historical or contemporary to enjoy and be swept away into. But the chief reason I love Christian fiction and write my own stories in the genre?
There is always, always hope.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

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