Hold onto Hope

But for book reviews, it's been a while since I've carved out a few minutes here or there to just write. Life has a funny way of slowing you down when you want to speed up. Case in point, the month of June (plus the last two weeks in May.) Two weeks vacation in Southport, NC with my grandparents and family were amazing, and just what I needed. And also lots of inspiration for a future novel! Then we got home and real life hit hard. Pre-op bloodwork, CT scan, appointments, only being able to take Tylenol 2wks prior to surgery date (my least favorite thing about these surgery ordeals). And that was just me. My siblings finished their homeschool year beautifully and very shortly before a five day short-term missions trip to Louisville KY with our church. And then, just hours after they got home, my grandfather passed away after less than two full months of a swift decline. It still feels like he's on vacation and just hasn't come back yet. I share a birthday with him, and this coming Sunday will be bittersweet.
You see, this coming Sunday marks the one year anniversary of my first surgery. The one that didn't take. A week from today I will be seeing my doctor and cleared for 50% weight bearing on what used to be my worst hip, what used to be a whole inch shorter than my right.
On the one year anniversary of the surgery I had the day after being admitted thru the ER for an infection, Mum will celebrate her 51st birthday and I should be cleared for 100%.
It's been a year.
It's been quite an interesting month of healing, of editing until my eyes crossed, of new opportunities orchestrated solely by God furthering my career.
And a lot of renewal. 
A lot of trying to make sense of God's promises. Of last December when the rug was yanked out from under me and life and the future as I had known it just went POOF!
Some days it's hard to take a deep breath, shut my eyes and exhale on a, "But God." December through most of January was probably the darkest time for me--and I'm going to be honest: I am still processing. Despite all the good amidst a decent bit of hard recently, this processing has affected my writing.
And that is life. And there is grace in it. God's grace cannot be more sufficient than it is--and it is always there.
For those of you who are in a transition season--whether it be a happy one or a tough one...
For those of you coming out of a dark time, yearning to write, to create, to just regain some semblance of normalcy...
For those of you trying to keep your head above water trying to figure out all your many hats along with that of writer/author...
Hold on.
God's got all of it. Even if you don't necessarily see it and feel like everything is unraveling--it's true. Hard as it is, preach truth to yourself. Hold onto hope. And just do the next thing. You will write again. I promise. Trust me--I know.

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.

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