Every Good Word IS Work!

Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself,
and our God and Father, who has loved us
and given us everlasting consolation and good hope by grace, comfort your hearts and establish you in
every good word and work.
2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

Some translations of the verse below depicted in my favorite colors and flowers switch out the word "fall" for "FAIL." In my New King James Version, it actually reads (context: the "she" is speaking of the city of God) "God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved..."
Inspiring confidence and strengthening faith no matter which translation of this verse you read--what steps must we then take to act on this surety?
Personally, I like the assurance I won't fall, but if we switch out the word "FAIL" into the verse puts a different spin on it entirely. Especially for this stubbornly self-sufficient walking-on-one crutch bionic woman over here.
We are human. And fallible. We will never not fail. But what is the standard of failing? Our own standards of such a fault are steep. I believe God's standards of "failure" are widely different. He sees failure as continuing in sin knowingly, in resisting the calling He puts on our hearts. And for me, and for any other of you writers reading this, I like to think of the quip, "You're only not a writer if you don't write."
That is failure.
Not a rejection, not the eightieth rejection, nor losing a contest or bad sales numbers. All of which I've been reminded of afresh having both the New Testament verse above and this Psalm's verse figuratively slapped upside my thick skull multiple times over.
"She shall not be moved" is how my translation of Psalm 46:5 reads. Not be moved from the will of God. How am I to question that? I wrote a novel with the title God's Will and yet I still have trouble walking out the truths I laid within its pages.
But this I call to mind, therefore I have hope. I may fail Him daily--but the point is we must keep trying not to. Keep trying to obey in the fullest sense of the word both in what we intake through our eyes, ears, mouth, what we pour out to those around us...and for me? I must walk out in obedience the calling TO WRITE God has put on my heart. And right now, this means editing. And once I climbed over one (of many) piles of my fear and doubt and laziness--the story is already better than it has ever been. Every good word we write, or edit, is hard work--but it is the work God has called me to. So how can I downplay it's importance by refusing to prioritize it under the false-humility guise of other peoples' writings are more important than my own?

Hair up, coffee in hand, Spotify soundtrack to my novel on--
I'm off to edit.
Because it is a part of the calling God's placed on my life and I'm done shirking it just because its hard. In making this tearing-hair-out-hard work of editing a priority, I am honoring HIM who has called me to these good words and work. And trusting in Him to not let me fall, fail, or be moved.
Meghan Gorecki
Meghan Gorecki

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.

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