Tangled Words {and how to untangle them}

These words of Moses', guys? It's where I'm at in this season. Whether in person with new friends/acqauntances. Anytime I talk about my writing. I write somewhat better than I talk. But most of all?
Words are tangled and knotted and stuck right now. With Amongst the Roses' sequel, with my novella that has a title, two main characters, a setting and little else. Not to mention life whirling on at an alarming pace—it's already October! Color me overwhelmed, to say the least.
And I've been beating myself up about even feeling this overwhelmed. I should be able to handle all this. It's all good! Especially compared to the not so distant past. I should be able to shoulder it all and keep a good attitude and meet everyone's needs
Something I've been reading about in my small group's book for this season: Wild & Free, cut me to the quick.
We put God in a box.
Moses, way back when here, was putting God in a box. He was literally speaking with God then! Telling the Great I Am that his limitations and struggles were bigger than the Creator of the Universe's ability to make a way of deliverance.
And I do this more than I care to admit. I step right into the quicksand of paralyzing anxiety that's always there but off/on exacerbated by things both in my control and out of it. I freeze. I retreat inward.
Because I am a great sinner work-in-progress who has a great Savior. Who's proven Himself time and again and again and again as wildly loving and cherishing of me in all my issues.
If you're in this neighborhood of just overwhelmed—can I share a few things that've helped me?

  1. Don't be afraid to get real and honest.
    Start with a journal. Just scribble. No one'll read it but you. Talk with a trusted friend, ask for prayer. I know its often easier to not risk rejection and stay quiet, but reach out to those nearest you. You'll be surprised. And often God speaks through them.
  2. Pros and cons lists.
    They actually help. They may not for you. But take a hard look and review all your committments, and prayerfully see what needs to be put on hold temporarily.
  3. Fill your mind/ears with truth.
    Start with who God is—then who you are. For me? Music is an incredible blessing in the battle through anxiety and overwhelm. Just make sure not to numbly tune out, but really truly listen to those favorite calming songs that lift your eyes up to the One who's holding your dear heart.
  4. Prioritize rest and sleep.
    I know, I know—easier said than done. But seriously. I can hop on my computer and just end up completely zoning out or switching between my open novel doc and Facebook after a certain time of night. That's when I'm trying to close it, take a deep breath, grab whatever novel I'm reading, and curl up in bed. It'll actually get you to bed sooner and, if the book's a great one, unwind your tangled mind to get decent rest.

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.

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