When All Things Are Made New

Two years ago I was laying with my feet up in a recliner in compression stockings, and using a walker just to shuffle to and from the living room to the bathroom. Two years ago my best friend got married and my heart broke that I couldn't be there as her maid of honor as we'd always planned. Two years ago I was freaking out wondering when I could get back to normal—the job God dropped into my lap after high school that I was actually excited to return to.
One year ago I was a week into a brand new job, riding a rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows from great triumphs and gifts in time with my tribe at CFRR and ACFW, as well as dealing with the loss of my grandfather and internalizing my pain over deferred hopes—despite having two new painfree hips.

Those two paragraphs are perhaps the summation of the biggest parts of my story thus far, but its not why I'm dusting off ye old blog. If anything, it's to say that, wherever you are in your story—God's going to come through.
That Big Change you're desperate for?
This wilderness season that won't seem to end and everything good seems so unlikely and far off?
The pain of loss or deferred hopes that leaves you shuddering and hardened and you don't quite know how to cope?
God can take all your ugly anger and resentment and pain. He doesn't judge you or call you a bad Christian through it.
The heartbreak of losing someone you thought'd be Someone Special?
The dizzying conflict of being in a place you're not exactly sure you wanted to be in, despite the positives?
I need to watch how often I say, "Tell God your plans and hear Him laugh." It's an easy quip, based in truth—but it can be trite and bitter to taste. As if to say, "God's laughing at you."
Not so, friends.
He has the heart of a good, good Father, our God is a lion—the Lion of Judah—who fiercely protects and loves His own.
No discipline feels pleasant in the moment. But it's like a harvest. A lot of hard, grueling, painful work both on our part and God's—no parent likes to see their child hurting.
But the yield after the harvest? The way only God—only HIM—makes all things new?
It's worth it. Not the comparatively easier seasons that may indeed come after a hard one, not the prosperity or dreams being fulfilled—HE is worth it.
He is worth knowing, going deeper with—so that years down the road, you can shake your head in wonder at all God has done and how He is all the more real, good and loving.
And then run with it.
Give back, love well, open your heart—yes, the risk of rejection is worth risking again and again—and God has incredible people yet to come into your life. People who will teach you something even as you're ministering to them. People who will be working alongside you for similar goals—to love people well the way Jesus did—it is an incredible unveiling of just how well God loves us, these people who are the hands and feet of Jesus.
Your world and soul will expand after the heartache of your world's rug getting ripped out from under you.
And that is all God doing His glorious unfolding.
Trust me—I thought at one time that at twenty-four I'd be saving for a wedding, not for a mission's trip to Haiti with some of the best people I know from the newest home for my heart—my very own church.
God is good, all the time. He is in this business of restoring, healing hearts and rebuilding lives so that we may continue to go about His business—and love others well wherever they may be.


Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.

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