Two Years...

Two years healed.
I had my second to last surgery two years ago today. It was my first hip replacement. Honestly, if it weren't for Facebook Memories I would've forgotten. I'm off work today(!), had a doctor's appointment to get my feet right for Haiti in thirteen days, and had some edits for a friend to accomplish.
But I thought to pause a moment, and mark this day. Because I just gave my testimony the other night in our Haiti team meeting, and all that God has accomplished in two years just blows me away.
The season of life that I was in two years ago was the darkest yet. I was wrecked, and not in the good way. I didn't know what would happen, if or how God would provide, what my life would or even could be without the chronic pain I'd conditioned myself to live with and count my blessings through for almost a dozen years.
One year ago today I had just emailed a woman named Sandy, who worked at North Way Dormont, just five miles away from my house. I reached out to see what there was for me to get involved in, though I'd only been visiting the church for two weeks, maybe.
And last week? I attended my second night of worship and prayer the church hosted since I've been attending. Let me amend, friend—not the church, but my church.
Last year's worship night I hid in the back behind a pillar squished into the corner of a practically empty pew.
This year's night of worship I wept and threw my hands up high and sang loud in between two dear friends. Who, I hope, don't mind my singing. Two people who make up the beautiful community—family—that works hard to love people in Pittsburgh and beyond, where they live, work and play.
Two years after Healing Day #1? I'm here to say that God has restored my life ten-fold, beyond anything I could've planned for myself, in every area. And I have never been closer to Him. My church is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. My hip surgeries, and my church.
I'll write more about it all someday. I'll keep writing my books, slowly but surely. Maybe even a non-fiction. Writing's in me. It's never going to go away. But I have a full to overflowing life now—one that demands I be present, and soak up every moment. So if online its quiet, well? That's just the season God has me in right now. And it is a season full of new adventures, joy—and being Fearless. And Fearing, Less.

Words, history, and grace color my days here in The Burgh where I seek out the perfect coffee and red lipstick.

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